Established in 1982, Jxi2 designs and manufactures the Syncclock line of bus level timing cards, capable of meeting your time reference needs.

Our products include PCIe, VME, AMC, Mini PCIe, and more. All boards have a wide variety of available options such as GPS synchronization, OCXO time bases, and additional outputs like IRIG-B.

Jxi2 operates out of El Paso, Texas. Syncclock cards can be purchased through our sales partners, Brandywine Communications and Time and Frequency Solutions.


Our Syncclock line of products can be purchased through Brandywine Communications and Time and Frequency Solutions. A list of common options is also available on Brandywine's website.

Contact Us

For sales inquiries or more details, please contact your Brandywine/TFS sales manager.

The latest driver package versions are 8201327 for PCIe-SYNCCLOCK devices and 2.4.2 for PCIeLP and mPCIe SYNCCLOCK devices. For the latest drivers, please email us at the address below.